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Business with a purpose

Why would anyone want to be an entrepreneur?  After all the worries and headaches, growing something that had your vision and fueled by your drive can be one of the most satisfying life experiences.

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Don’t Just Build a Business — Build a Business with Soul


You may think of referrals as something that is out of your control within your sales team or sales efforts but that is not true at all. Give your referrals a commission or incentive to refer new customers, and don’t be afraid to ask your customers that you know are happy with your products or services for referrals straight up; they usually want to help.

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How to Build a Successful Referral Culture


Forrester research estimates 60% of all retail sales will be attributed to the internet by 2017 and as high as 10% or more of those sales will directly be eCommerce purchases online.  There are many open source platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal to build a cost effective website that can be a major sales tool and sales funnel for your business.

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6 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Website Drives Sales


One of the biggest mistakes smaller businesses make is not properly investing in their brand.  Marketing has gone more cross channel than ever with print, outdoor, digital, radio, and television as major outlets to grow awareness about your brand.  Investing in a brand that is easily recognizable across the major marketing channels is worth it.

The 7 Tenets of Branding

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What exactly is Business Development

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Networking When You Hate Talking to Strangers

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Product Development- An Overview: From idea to product

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5 Easy Steps to Creating the Right Pricing Strategy