Sales and Customer Service Training

The good or ill of a man lies within his own will.Epictetus

The Client Experience (CX) has become one of the most prominent determinants for success in our culture.  Consumers view excellent customer service as an extension of a company’s values and these consumers will not only spend more money with a company that provide a great customer experience but will share both great and terrible experiences with their friends and family.  Therefore one of the biggest challenges businesses face today is not only the positioning of their products and services to maximum marketability but the experience the customer is having with your sales representative.

Training and development activities allow organizations to compete, excel, produce, improve service and reach goals. The right training and development at the right time, provides big payoffs for the customer but more so for the employer in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution.

SORO provides a comprehensive customer experience training and execution program with senior sales instructors, all of whom have built great careers in sales.  Our skilled instructors will provide personal coaching and instant feedback to representatives helping them learn the right communication skills (EQ), self-management tools (PI), tools for overcoming fears of prospecting and call reluctance.  Their new knowledge will translate into acute listening skills, a stronger understanding of the sales process and sequence, and overall control of their mindset which translates to closing the sale.  The program is very interactive and dynamic making the training fun and energetic, we believe this engages sales personalities best and works with all different learning styles.


SORO begins with a comprehensive interview with managers and key team players to help us identify areas of focus and development.  After a tailored program has been developed we being our three day training.


KNOW YOURSELF. Your team will learn about their personal psychology through a Positive Intelligence training.  Research has shown that higher PI results in a number of enhanced areas of life and it’s one of the greatest indicators of how successful you will be and how fulfilled you will be along the way.  They will receive training on improving Emotional Intelligence.  This ability to perceive, control and evaluate your emotions and learn from other’s emotions can help tremendously in a sales environment.  They will learn more about the “WHY” they are part of your company and their overall sales etiquette including body language techniques.


THE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING MINDSET.  Our full day training pulls from a number of top sales resources including top sales authors like Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Jeffrey Gitomer, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, and many others that help with the process and techniques of the sale. It discuss the process sales people should go through 1. Preparation, 2. Building, 3. Discovering, 4. Solving, and finally 5. Concluding strong.

From Max Altschuler, “Having a process, even if it’s weak, is extremely important. Without it you’re disorganized and disjointed. If you’re not tracking and measuring, but how are you supposed to get better? A process is always a work in progress, no matter how good the results. The best assets of sales teams and sales people are great organizational and analytical skills. Companies that figure this out early, and build a strong and streamlined engine, will surpass their competitors. Reps that figure this out will outsell their peers.”


UNDERSTANDING EXECUTION. Pulling from one of the great execution culture books, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, your team will learn to focus on what’s most important.  Understanding wildly important goals (WIGs).  Knowing principles of execution while keeping score and creating accountability all while knowing how to achieve your goals consistently on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis.


FOLLOW-THROUGHS AND COACHING.  One of our team members will continue to re-enforce our training on a weekly basis for one to three months. This includes customized tools for weekly scoring, biweekly coaching sessions with team and managers, time management tools, motivational seminars, quarterly awards and team building.  Coaching is a process of scheduled and consistent sessions that focus on employees’ strengths and areas of performance improvement. Coaching helps inspire and motivate employees to improve knowledge, increase skills, and change behaviors to drive greater performance in the workplace

One of the greatest challenges, and possibly the largest costs, facing organizations today is that of employee retention. CEO’s and managers need to be aware that the way they interact with their people plays a big role in whether they choose to stay with the company or not.