Strategic Planning

A meaningful strategy powerfully balances long term enterprise direction with identifying and taking advantage of near term opportunities. It differentiates and creates sustainable and scalable market position.  SORO offers clients unique expertise in market analysis, concept design and business case development expertise, combined with organizational and process change and design experience. We also identify where new opportunities exist and advise clients on the best way to seize these opportunities.

Strategic planning must be grounded by strong instincts that are backed by data and analytics that, when applied, unveil creative insights into the market dynamics and the organization’s inherent value proposition. Leadership can then build a vision and strategies around the organizations distinctive core assets that will achieve and maintain enduring unrivaled position moving forward.

We help each client think differently by looking at their business through the eyes of the customer rather than looking at the customer through the eyes of the business. We have unique experiences that foster new insight and drive our strategies. We go beyond strategic recommendations to develop clear, actionable programs that are tailored to your business capabilities and resources. We partner with clients from strategy to execution to ensure successful implementations.